Property Management

Accolade provides one-stop financial advisory, tax advisory and property management services. In other works, Accolade is your outsourced CFO, your outsourced tax advisor and your outsourced Chief Operating Officer (COO) for all your real estate properties -- all in one firm. For a full range of our services, click here.

Accolade's traditional property management services are described below.
Specializing in the management of multifamily assets and commercial real estate properties, our team of professionals produce superior results for all types of real estate assets. We understand the dynamics of the marketplace and the factors that affect the correct positioning of an asset. The Accolade team works closely with each property owner to gain a thorough understanding of his or her unique investment objectives, from which a custom-designed investment and management strategy is established and implemented. Our mission is to build long-last relationships with all our clients and to have each client view us as a personal advisor and wealth optimization specialist.

1. Market Research and Analysis

The Accolade team provides custom market research and analysis to help property owners make sound investment decisions. Reports include essential information pertaining to local real estate markets, trends, and statistical analysis, as well as professional recommendations for maximizing current investments and capitalizing on new investment opportunities.

2) Property Maintenance and Operations

Accolade employs a reliable and competent team of qualified professionals to support our clients in the operations of their real estate assets. Interior and exterior inspections are conducted on a regular basis in order to constantly evaluate the quality of maintenance services. A detailed preventative maintenance program is implemented annually to help reduce exposure to large and costly repairs.

3) Lease Management and Administration

Accolade provides comprehensive lease management and property administration services including: conducting lease negotiations, processing and tracking lease applications, overseeing the lease renewal process and managing tenant retention.

4) Financial Reporting

On a monthly basis, property status reports and financial reports are prepared for each client. Property status reports include detailed information pertaining to current occupancy, tenant issues, leasing activity, maintenance repairs and marketing results. The financial reports include up-to-date operating and expense information, financial projections, capital improvements and accounting summaries.

5) Renovation Management

With extensive experience in interior and exterior rehabilitation of residential and commercial properties, Accolade brings a wealth of knowledge and an established network of dependable and qualified professional contacts to each of its construction management projects.   

Our services include: project management, scope identification, feasibility studies, bid review and administration, architect/contractor selection, budget and cost control, schedule control, code compliance management, quality control and occupancy strategies.

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