Green Real Estate

Green real estate is all about helping the planet and helping your pocket book by reducing energy costs (and thus saving money) and enhancing the resale value of your property (through the premium attached to green properties).

Through our sister company, Accolade Capital, Accolade Management provides several of our green real estate services.

Many of our properties are 100% green. Put simply, for green real estate properties (some of them are LEED certified) we offer higher cash flows and greater values through our high performance green homes. Our homes go through a rigorous selection process before they are even considered for our investors and before the home gets to you, it undergoes the following three processes as part of its preliminary green investment due diligence process:

1. Energy audit

2. Rebate, incentive and tax credit plan

3. Green rehabilitation strategy

Only when a home has successfully completed this process do we offer it to our investors. Our high performance green homes have little competition, thus our investors enjoy the following benefits:
  • Higher appraised values (often 10% higher).

  • Increased rents.

  • Easier to sell.

  • Lower utility expenses (usually 25-40% lower).
Accolade is your one-stop real estate solution. Typically, we help our investors achieve over 20% cash-on-cash returns and provide them with a hands-off investment process.

In addition to generating great returns, many of our investment properties are green. By going green, we help our investors receive increased profits, leverage other people’s money (e.g. Uncle Sam), reduce competition, and help our environment.

To learn more about Accolade, the investment process, self-directing your IRA/401(k) into real estate, or participate in a free initial consultation, please click here.